Product care / How to use your products

Product care

In order to avoid contamination, your colour coded “ARICASA HYGIENE” items have to be replaced when:

  • the base is cracked or damaged, helping bacteria growth;
  • filaments are worn or broken;
  • filaments are discoloured;
  • filaments are twisted or coiled
  • according to a law or regulation replacement is requested.

How to use your products

A correct use will maintain the best hygiene of your working areas and your “ARICASA HYGIENE” products. Please follow these instructions:

  • Thoroughly clean each item after use, possibly in autoclave at 130°C / 270°F or in boiling water, in order to remove bacteria;
  • Allow to dry completely;
  • Use only when cool;
  • Hang brushes to store in order to help maintain the filaments in best conditions.