About us

Smarth is a company that has been operating on the Away From Home market for twenty years.

As a trading company, in the early years of operation, a distributor of professional hygiene systems designed to maintain hygiene in the workplace, Smarth built a knowledge base about the market of end customers. During this time, Smarth was gaining experience, developing new sales models and developing an assortment of products based on the largest international brands and its private brand.

Dynamic development and the need to build an independent proprietary range of products that can constitute a quality alternative to products of international brands resulted in the start of production. Based on modern technologies and experience, the Craft product line was created, including paper towels, industrial cleaning cloths and professional non-woven cloths. Smarth’s goal in the area of ​​product development is the maximum cost-effectiveness of hygiene solutions with the highest quality.

To achieve these goals, Smarth creates new, previously unknown paths, offering products previously not present on the European market. Innovative products, modern sales models, high, consistent product quality and perfect service make Smarth one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

The dynamics of the company’s development was appreciated by Forbes magazine, which awarded Smarth the prestigious title: “Forbes Diamond” and by Puls Biznesu, which awarded Smarth the title: “Gazela Biznesu”.

Achieving high results is possible because for the development of innovative products, setting new market trends, ensuring end customers optimization of budgets for maintaining hygiene in the workplace, and fast development for distributors based on a transparent, fair sales model and competitive products.

According to twenty years of presence on the market, experience in working with end customers and innovative products, Smarth is a company that perfectly understands the market, its needs and has a vision of its shape in the future. The constant development of exports allows Smarth to gain experience from other markets, both mature and emerging. The interpenetration of needs present in various markets affects the optimization and development of the most effective solutions.