Non-woven cleaning cloths


Professional Non-Woven cloths manufactured by Smarth are a wide range of Non-Woven products with various compositions, guaranteeing the possibility of finding appropriate solutions for most users’ needs. The care for the highest quality of Smarth products is expressed in the use of the highest quality raw materials produced in accordance with the Smarth specification. It’s also connected to a modern technological process used for precise converting of products. Thanks to the technology used in process, Smarth does not apply tolerance regarding fluctuations in product parameters such as raw material composition or physical characteristics such as the length of winding or roll width. The high quality and consistent quality of the products are Smarth’s highest priority in this regard. An important factor in the high competitiveness of Smarth products is also the maximum cost-effectiveness of the product.

What makes Smarth’s Non-Woven product range different?

  • High, stable quality of raw materials and the product

  • Compliant products with no tolerance of physical parameters such as roll length or roll width

  • Maximizing the cost effectiveness of the product