Autocut towels


Smarth specializes in the production of innovative Autocut towels. A number of pioneer solutions proposed by Smarth in this group of products increases the efficiency of the system, the convenience and quality of use of the products, and has a positive impact on reducing the amount of waste generated as a result of using the system. All Autocut towels manufactured by Smarth are made of one heavy-grammage layer of the highest quality cellulose or recycled paper.

Why does Smarth Autocut towels have one thick layer of high-quality paper?

  • Because they are durable when wet

    • o This allows the user to remove the towel from the dispenser with wet hands without the risk of the towel breaking

  • Because they absorb a lot and quickly

    • The high grammage combined with the lack of an adhesive layer that reduces the absorption of multilayer towels makes Smarth towels quickly absorb large amounts of liquid, so the user needs less paper to dry their hands.

  • Because they reduce the amount of waste

    • Low towel consumption means less waste

    • They do not have plastic protective adapters, what limits the emission of mixed plastic waste

  • Due to high cost efficiency

    • Long rolls of towels reduce the cost of using each roll:

      • Lower labor costs due to the lower frequency of changing the roll in the dispenser

      • Lower transport and storage costs due to spreading them over a longer roll of paper

  • Due to flexibility in the choice of solutions

    • A wide range of towels allows you to choose the right Smarth towel to your needs

Be ECO - Don't throw plastic away!
Be ECO – Don’t throw plastic away!