Be ECO - Don't throw plastic away!
Be ECO – Don’t throw plastic away!

Smarth is a company that pays a lot of attention to the aspects of adapting its products to the philosophy of sustainability, expressed in minimizing the environmental burden coming from the use of Smarth products. This is reflected in a number of physical characteristics that all Smarth products have:

  • High compression – reflected in the desire to achieve the longest possible roll of paper on the smallest diameter of the product. Thanks to this:

    • The number of collective packages is reduced as more product is packed in the same packages.

    • The number of cardboard cores used is reduced.

    • The number of logistic operations needed to deliver a product to its destination is reduced, which translates into lower CO2 emissions

    • The amount of waste is reduced

  • Autocut towels are not secured with plastic adapters

    • No plastic waste

    • The core may be a segregated waste because it is not connected with a plastic adapter which makes it a mixed waste

    • The highest quality raw materials produced in accordance with Smarth’s specification and order, ensuring constant control over the production process and avoiding the risk of marketing products that do not comply with Smarth’s pro-ecological philosophy.

    • As one of the first companies on the European market, Smarth introduced the eco-friendly CraftEco® towels.

The pro-ecological activities of Smarth have a real impact on the features of manufactured products and contribute to reducing the burden on the environment in a real way.