CraftEco® is an innovative ecological towel unique on a European scale, which is the perfect combination of efficiency, ecological values ​​and low operating costs.

This towel is made of post-consumer waste paper, what means recycled cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard. A special production technology avoiding a number of environmentally harmful processes, including decoloration of previously printed waste paper, bleaching or dyeing, makes CraftEco® one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market.

The ecology of this towel goes hand in hand with the lowest cost of use on the market. The performance of the towel is comparable to the best quality cellulose, which turns into lower costs and the combination with the Autocut system, gives the cheapest solution for wiping hands on the market.

An additional advantage of the CraftEco® towel is the reduction of the amount of waste and, due to the long roll of the towel, the limitation of the frequency of servicing the system. The towel was subjected to a migration test and obtained the result allowing direct contact with food. The innovative CraftEco® towel is a product:

  • Ecological

  • Provides the lowest operating costs

  • Dust-free

  • Absorbent comparable to the highest quality cellulose towels

  • Reducing the amount of waste

  • Long lenth ensuring low frequency of changing the paper in the dispenser

  • With the natural paper smell

  • Unbleached and undyed

  • Approved for contact with food

Be ECO - Don't throw plastic away!
Be ECO – Don’t throw plastic away!