FlexRoll towels


FlexRoll center-pull towels are a popular product reaching the interest of users in places with high consumption and a small space for placing the dispenser. FlexRol towels are made of the highest quality recycled paper. The use of a special type of perforation of the towel, separating sheets prevents the possibility of removing several sheets from the dispenser at the same time. The dosing of One by One towels reduces the operating costs of the system and increases its efficiency. Long winding of up to 300 meters, the use of a small-size and simple, failure-free construction dispenser, make it an undemanding and easy to use system. The use of a special, easily removable core, with a marked perforation, allows for quick replacement of the roll in the dispenser without the need for complicated maintenance operations.

What features make FlexRoll towels manufactured by Smarth a good choice for the user?

  • High quality single-layer, highly absorbent waste paper in white or blue

  • Special perforation, ensuring the possibility of dispensing towels in One by One dispensers, i.e. one section each.

  • The small size of the system allows the dispenser to be placed in limited space places

  • Long windings giving low frequency of changing the roll in the dispenser

  • Easy operation thanks to a structurally simple dispenser and an roll with easily removable core