CraftEco is one of the first in Europe paper towels combining features of premium products and best features of recycled products. High quality and unusual absorbency goes hand in hand with ecology. The paper is created from a blend of recycled postconsumer waste – packaging cardboard and waste from the production of cellulose. The combination of these two components gives very durable, and absorbent towel. The use of recycled paper in itself contributes to reduce the exploitation of forests, and also is a way to reduce waste. In the production process CraftEco does not apply any bleaches, dyes and heavy chemistry. The natural color of CraftEco towel in addition to the aesthetic look, which highlights the ecological values of the product, is also a real effect of organic production process. Towel through its usability – very high absorbency, allows to reduce its consumption. Up to two sheets of CraftEco towels are enough to dry your hands. This is comparable result to the highest quality cellulose towels and completely unreachable for other recycled paper towels. Low consumption means less waste – what is also one of the priorities of ecology. CraftEco is a pioneer solution on the European market, that combines ecology and comfort.