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Smarth has been awarded Forbes Diamond 2021

Smarth has been awarded Forbes Diamonds 2021. This title honors companies that most effectively increased their value in three succesive years. The “Forbes Diamonds” ranking was created on the basis of the Swiss method of valuation of the company. Key criterias were,  financial results for 2015 – 2019, property value, payment history, payment credibility and lack of negative legal events. The title “Forbes Diamond 2021” is a confirmation of being among the best companies in Poland.

Craft FlexBlue

New Product in Smarth range.

Smarth is constatnly working on new products, to be able to answer to grownig market needs in terms of high quality hand wiping solutions. Couple days ago, there were made a test of a new center pull hand towel, which in a propper dispenser allows for dosing  towel sheets separately. Smarth designed a special perforation of the towel, which makes easy tearing off possible and protecting the multiple sheets dispensing in the same time. The towel is manufactured of high quality, absobrsive recycled tissue in blue. The towel will be available in Smarth assortment soon.

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